JMI31 Beverage Dispenser

Offering a range of delicious flavor options from a single compact machine, as well as ease of use and simple cleaning and maintenance.

All JMs include cooling and can have the option of an integrated dosing system. The JMs are connected to the mains water supply. Water is filtered and cooled to proper temperature in order to ensure the full flavor of our drinks.


  • High Quality Ingredients: 
    • The fruits we use are always picked carefully and imported from the finest fruits from all over the world, just to make sure we use the best.
  • Complete Safety of Our Products: 
    • Highly experienced food professionals make sure the highest hygienic standards are met during production, and the technical development team looks after safe dispensing system from BIB to your guest’s glass. Moreover, the HACCP gives a long-term hygienic solution.
  • Fast Service and High Quality: 
    • Low-cal drinks in accordance with WHO’s recommendation to reduce the intake of free sugars.
  • Lower Carbon Foot Print & More Storage Space: 
    • By changing your tetra packs and bottles to bag-in-box, the delivery costs and carbon footprint can be reduced by 80%. In addition, you will suddenly have a lot more storage space.
  • In House R&D for Drinks and Dispensing Systems: 
    • Nektar Natura’s laboratories for drinks and dispensing systems run hand in hand to create the original taste of our drinks. Well known flavors, always served fresh and at the perfect temperature.


  • ​Environmental Friendliness 
  • ​Lower carbon footprint 
  • ​Recyclable box
  • ​Less Water
  • ​Cost Reduction
  • Significant Savings on Logistic and warehousing cost
  • Longer shelf life
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Clean and secure product
  • Preserves and protects the quality.

Our Customers

We are in good company.

Encourage Healthy Living

Deployment of a commercially appropriate juice dispenser can offer far more than simply a refreshing glass of juice. Fruit juice contains nutrients and antioxidants that offer health benefits including building stronger bones, improving the condition of your skin, hair and nails, boosting your immune system and aiding metabolism. Just a single 150ml serving of fruit juice counts as one portion of your recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day. Fruit juice is also hydrating and provides a healthy alternative for those who don’t enjoy drinking plain water.  Since a healthy team often results in a happy and productive workforce, the installation of an industrial juice dispenser at your business could also benefit your business output. 

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will love our Juice touch commercial juice machines. Depending on your chosen model you can offer between three and six fruit juice choices, as well as chilled drinking water. The Juice touch Undercounter Touchscreen even offers fresh sparkling drinking water. As well as increased variety, customers also appreciate Juice touch’s eco-friendly credentials, reducing waste and saving energy.


Time Efficiency

Time is money when it comes to running a successful business, which is why having time-efficient technology in place is crucial. Our self-serve commercial juice machines are easy to use and customer-friendly, speeding up service times and freeing up staff from having to serve or regularly refill the juice dispensers.


A commercial juice machine often offers much better value than alternative solutions. With no staff required to serve drinks, very little maintenance and requiring less space and energy than it would to refrigerate individual plastic bottles, there are significant cost benefits to investing in a juice dispenser for your business. Plus, with flexible dosage options, you can control the amount of profit generated from each glass of juice served.

Reduce Plastic Waste

One of the most common uses of single-use plastic is in food and drink packaging. The UK alone gets through a staggering 7.7 billion plastic drinks bottles per year. A commercial juice dispenser removes the need for individually packaged bottled fruit juice, reducing your plastic waste and also the need for large energy-draining fridges to keep the bottles chilled.

Easy To Maintain

We understand that time is precious, which is why our range of commercial juice dispensers are designed to be extremely easy to maintain with very little cleaning required. After initial installation, most industrial juice machines and dispensers only require an annual service appointment to check for any operational issues.
At Hayek Maldives, we provide ongoing maintenance of our commercial juice machines and dispensers. It’s not often that our customers experience an issue with their juice dispenser. However, should you experience a fault with your machine our team will spring into action to ensure the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. Our top priority is to ensure that you don’t have to go long before your commercial juice dispenser is repaired, which is why we aim to respond to any issues within an 8-hour window, meaning many issues are addressed the same day.

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